Monday, January 12, 2009

Holy frozen hair follicles, Batman!

Normally I take a shower at night and sleep on my hair wet. It takes the least amount of effort, and I'm not big on wasting valuable sleep time with personal grooming in the morning.

However, I didn't take a shower last night and so had to take one this morning. It happens. I walked to school with my wet hair, since it's a five minute walk, no big deal.

Well, I'm right at the building and I go to tuck my hair behind my ears, and it is crunchy and feels like I put a bunch of gel and/or hairspray in it.

My hair froze!

I didn't think hair could freeze, but it was a toasty 19-20˚ on my way there, so it makes logical sense, but still. I tried to take a picture of it standing straight out when I lifted it at the base, but it defrosted before I could get a good one. It only took about a minute to defrost at least. :)

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