Thursday, September 06, 2007

She's back....

I know, I've been MIA, but in my defense, I was with my mom for six weeks and she has...dial-up! The horror! (Yes, I've been off dial-up for a month now, but let's not get technical).

I've uploaded my Greece pictures and will post on that adventure next time.

As for me, I've had a change in plans. I seem to like that. :) I decided, after careful thought and consideration, that I shouldn't study in Puerto Rico. My Spanish was not at a level where I could take normal classes, in a normal university, in a new dialect, and not fail horrifically. So I changed my ticket and am going for 10 days in December with my dad to meet the family and see where he was born, where he went to school, etc. Bonus: I should miss all the hurricanes.

So I'm back in Corvallis and at OSU. Now I get to stretch out the remaining credits I need to graduate in three terms instead of two, so I have quite the senior schedule lined up, as it should be.

Other than that, not much going on. Graduation is in the future and kind of scares me...I've had this professional student thing working out pretty well, it'll be weird to not be one. Then I might actually have to be an adult! Ugh. What fun is that?


(Whose adventures will probably be fairly boring from here on out, but hey, at least I'm cute.) :)