Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just a Taste: Walking to and around Campus

Hi everyone!

So I have a lot I want to share with you - the two days in Iceland, different things I've done in Sweden so far, a tour of my dorm room, etc. Hell, I even wanted to post a few recipes that worked really well during my LID thing and the tiny house I stayed in in Colorado.

Problem is I'm still in the crazy busy phase, so I'm going to slowly roll out the posts over the next few weeks as I get more time...which is probably better anyway, since there's a ton of really interesting things to share right now and it's going to taper pretty quickly. (Homework assignments are probably not that fascinating for you.)

So for this first post, I'm going with a quick batch of some pictures from around campus and my walk to it, to give you a little something. (It's also the quickest thing I can put together, and I know it's been a couple of days already.)

I like to call these, "Look, I'm in Europe." :)

The building where we did all the stuff on Arrival Day.
That's right, it looks like a frickin' castle.
The building we had our General Information Meeting in.
The LUCSUS building, where my classes will be.
Fountain in front of the above building. In case covered in ivy
wasn't enough pizzazz and old-world charm for you.

That's just a few of them; you can look at the entire album here if you're so inclined. :)