Tuesday, June 30, 2015


What have we here? Six years, and I'm finally posting again!

I don't think anyone checks this but my dad (Hi Daddy-o!), but since I will be moving to Sweden, and this seems to be the place where I post of my international adventures, I thought I'd dust it off.

This time around I make no promises to post regularly, since we know that doesn't happen no matter what I say. (Maybe it'll be better with the pressure off?) I will try to write less and put more pictures, since I am a verbose individual but no one really wants to read as much ramblings as I have. I'll also try not to be a perfectionist on it, as going through several drafts and edits for a blog not only seems silly, but was a main contributor to not posting regularly.

So, in the interests of keeping it short, I'm going to briefly mention things that I'll be probably posting about soon, with more detailed posts to follow at some point.

As mentioned above, I'm moving to Sweden, on August 18th to be exact. I'll be earning my Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University. 'Cause why not? ;)

Before that happens, I'll have a nice, shorter than I was hoping for, two day whirlwind in Iceland. I hear they have a museum filled with nothing but penis specimens from every mammal in Iceland. (Worry not, there will be pictures.)

And before I can really think about all that, before the packing and whatnot, I've got to get this thyroid cancer thing wrapped up. Surgery was good and is done, next is the radioactive iodine treatment, and then I should be all clear.

That's what you're going to hear about first, because it seems blog worthy. (Or maybe I just need to journal.)

You can always come back in a month for the fun international travel pictures. :)