Monday, May 14, 2007

The people are crazy, crazy, crazy!

And no, I don't mean the Spaniards, although I'm starting to think that the food could have been used for medieval torture, but that seems to just be my host mom's lack of ability to cook. All my other friends are complaining about how good the food is and how they are getting fat...I swear, I might hurt someone if I hear another tiny girl complain about being fat again. I actually heard the sentence "But I'm up to 127 pounds!" -Gasp!- :)

So I have figured out the reason that people hate Americans, and why there are riots in France over the new president saying that he wants to have a good relationship with the US. There is a valid reason why most of the world hates us and thinks so poorly of us - because of the people who study abroad.

Now, in my group there are about 28 people or so. Of these, I am the poor cousin in the family, and quite a bit. My friend was talking to her parent's about how she didn't quite have enough money for London, and they deposited $1,000 in her bank account the next day. Almost everyone is rolling in it, which would make sense since this is pretty expensive (thanks to good 'ol Uncle Sam for giving me loans that I will be paying off until I am 85). In that alone they are leading a great example, telling the one guy from China in our classes that families have a car for every person in their family in the US, which is their economic circles.

At least half of the people here are in a frat or sorority, and are acting in the stereotypical way that makes me crack jokes about frat and sorority people. There are these two 18 year old freshman girls that are loving the fact they can get drunk every night...and think their story about going swimming at midnight, in the ocean, naked, alone, and drunk, on a school night no less, is hilarious. Almost everyone in my group is a walking American stereotype that makes me hate us too.

Do you know how bad it is? My closest friend here, who I spend time with everyday, is a reformed christian republican who actually likes Bush. And I like her better than anyone here! (And that may sound mean, but she thought it was hilarious and finds it just as funny that she is spending all this time with a tree-hugging liberal lesbian, so we're even).

Aggghhh. I may lose it in the next month, I really may.


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