Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Quick Note

Didn't want you guys to think I fell off the side of the earth or anything. (I come from a long line of worriers. You know who you are).

So, just a quick note to say that there won't be anything from me until Monday. We had a field trip today to look at some old buildings we learned about in art/culture class, which I'll probably will write about later and will get pictures up of later as well.

And...I'm going to London. :) We have a five day weekend because Tuesday is an international holiday (Labor Day) and we don't have school and Friday anyway. So I'm leaving for London after class tomorrow and I'll be back Sunday night. (It was a $200 or so difference to come back on Monday or Tuesday because of the holiday, not including the extra for the food and lodging).

So that's where I'll be and I'll write about it when I come back.

Have a bloody good week, ;)

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